Finding A Good DUI Defense Attorney in Rockville, MD

DUI defense attorney rockville MD

DUI defense attorney rockville MD

Defend Your DUI Case With John C. Monahan
DUI Defense Attorney in Rockville, MD

When you need a DUI attorney or a defense attorney in Rockville, MD and you are struggling to take the proper steps towards doing so, this handy guide will provide you with the assistance that you require. Be sure to read on and learn more about finding the best DUI defense attorney in Rockville, MD.

  1. Draw Up a List

Hiring the first DUI defense attorney that you meet with is typically not the best idea. You’ll want to make a list of potential candidates, so that you can make the most informed choice. Speak to friends and family members and ask for their recommendations. Take a moment to do some online research. If you have hired an attorney in the past for a different legal matter, they may be able to refer you to a DUI lawyer from their list of networking contacts.

  1. Determine Their Level of Qualification

Once the preliminary research period has concluded, it is time to determine your prospective DUI attorney’s level of qualification. Ask about their licensing status, as well as their schooling. If the attorney is not licensed to practice in the state where you reside, this can be a major red flag. Check their ethical record and make sure that they have never been disbarred, as well. If they have a LinkedIn profile, it would behoove you to take a close look.

  1. Getting The Most Out of Your Initial Consultation

To get the most out of your initial meeting with a Rockville, MD DUI lawyer, you will want to give them all of the information that you have about your DUI case. Be totally and completely upfront about the facts of your case. Bring any documents that are related to your case with you to the first consultation and speak to your prospective DUI defense attorney about their defense strategy. You’ll also want to keep a pen and paper close by, so that you can take notes about all of the information the attorney will be presenting to you.

  1. Discussion of Rates

When you are in the process of finding a good defense attorney for your DUI case, the rate that you pay should be decided on in advance, so that there are no surprises. Ask the attorney that you choose for an itemized bill, as this will eliminate any and all confusion that could possibly take place. Bear in mind that you do have the ability to negotiate and some attorneys may be willing to allow you to pay your bill in installments.

If you’re in Rockville, MD and in need of a DUI lawyer, be sure to contact John C. Monahan at 301-251-1811, DUI Defense Attorney for more information. He provides his clients with the defense capabilities that they need to avoid a costly DUI conviction.